Friday, April 16, 2010

my 1st time on LRT

Last Thursday, 9 of us: Feon-Na, Yee Ling, Ee Leng, Shuk Yin, Brenda, Patricia, Chin Chai, Edmond and I went to WMS's IU Day. Ee Leng, Yee Ling, Feon-Na and I went on Feon-Na's car while the rest of them went on Chin Chai's car. On the way, both of our cars were next to each other!

Chin Chai was supposed to follow Feon-Na's car from behind, but all of a sudden he speed up and overtook our car. SMART CHIN CHAI. Because of him, he missed the junction and went the wrong way. So, we waited for him in front of the Istana Negara. While waiting, we took pictures! Most of them are with Yee Ling, these are the ones from me.

The event was okay. We arrived late, as usual. Edmond was trying to get to know more girls, but didn't know how to hahaha... After the event, Feon-Na, Ee Leng, Shuk Yin and I went to PWTC for dinner by LRT.

random pic.

We had dinner at Pizza Hut in this place called The Mall. Took us some time to decide what to order till we saw this new pizza. Forgot what it's called.

Looks yummy?

When our pizza is here, this is how it looked like


Then, Shuk Yin randomly reminded that if we wanna go to the toilet, we need to pay 30 cents. I was like 30 CENTS?!?! Isn't there a hotel beside The Mall? I bet its cleaner than the 30 cents toilet. Oh yea, and the hotel lobby is at the 9th floor. So weird.

After dinner, we went back home in LRT. And this is my first time going on LRT! Yea yea i can roughly guess what all your response is...pfft keep it to yourself. Don't need to rub it in my face. Oh and also, LOTS of gossips and backstabbing during this day. Hehehe

That's all from me.

P.S. Yee Ling, post our pictures please. the nicer ones are with u.

wei yeen

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