Friday, April 2, 2010


Hey ya'll. Yesterday I had MSSD Athletics. 
The WHOLE day and it was not THAT very tiring la. I ran 3 times you know!
First I ran for the heats. There were 6 heats altogether. Means around 48 people. I got 2nd.
Then, my name was announced for the semi-finals. And i was like woah i actually made it to the semi-finals.
Then, there were 2 heats for semi-finals to go to the finals. Means around 16 people. I got 3rd for mine.
Then, I MADE IT to FINALS! woohoo!
But then i got 7th. -.-
I know right. I'm so slow. haih.
1st 2nd 3rd people they're all from the same school. SAAS (Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah) sports school Kajang. course I couldn't beat them right. 
I guess I strted late. But I'm satisfied lah cause I didn't expect to go to the FINALS.
So its good enough. Right? 


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