Friday, July 2, 2010

summary of things that happened since the last update.


its been awhile since this blog has EVER been updated. Well, we have been having exams for a month. wasted so much time when we could have started on finishing the ever long syllabus! IU day was on Tuesday (29/09/10). It was considered a success despite the fact that there were not many audience. Mainly, they consisted of the teachers whom were forced to watch the installation and performances. We wore Egyptian costumes! It was fun :D

Students of MCKL have been dying. That's what my sister told me. One by car crash, the other was suicidal. Apparently, he ate some kind of poisonous drug. Please DO NOT attempt suicidal. I think its stupid!

Both me and yee ling have tumblrs now! Mine was made just because ardi made me. want the link? i'll link it to the blog so just click! =D


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