Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Patricia: Share your screen with me! Go to the "boxbox" thing at the bottom of the iChat thing.
Brenda : Okay.
*After a while*
Brenda: PATTTTT, there's something wrong with my computer! The cursor keeps moving everywhereeeeee.
Patricia: *Playing with her cursor* REALLLYYY? Like how?
Brenda : It's like my brother's playing with my cursor.
Patricia: HAHAHAHA! Really? That should be scary.
Brenda : YESSS. It is.
Patricia: *Stops for a while*
Brenda : Oh, it's okay now.
Patricia: Oh, good.
*After a while*
Patricia: *Starts playing with her cursor again*
Brenda : Omggggg, now it's like going round and rounddd.
Patricia: Wow, that should be really annoying for you.
Brenda : YESSS. It's like I have to move it, then it goes somewhere then I have to drag it back.
Patricia: Ohh. Okay laaaa, it's actually me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Brenda : Ohhhh Myyyy Goddddddd. AHHHHHHHHH

Hahahahahahahaha. Too funny. Too funny.


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