Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm Back!

Hello stfu readers =D

It has been awhile. Anyway, I'm back now! We have about a week of trials left and then its drilling time then its the real SPM. We're so dead. Just yesterday we were talking about how fast time flies. Jeong Jun was like " I know you for five years already!" he said it to Wei Yeen. Then, I realized how fast time flew by like a rocket jet. Its been 7 years since i first enrolled in cempaka. 7 years of friendship with Brenda, Wei Yeen, Yoong Wei, Xin You, Suresh, Chun Keat etc. 6 years with Patricia, Farah, Shahasra, Eugene etc. 5 with Feon-Na, Ee Leng, Ranil, etc. and ALBIE for 4 years! I just got to know Yee Ling, Edward, Ardi, MINDEE MONG, Danial and co. in Form 3 and Ivan in Form 4 so it wasn't that long but still, its been so long! Oh how time flies. =( We'll be all going our separate ways very soon. Sometimes I wish high school would never end but we do have to keep moving forward. I'll be missing all of you when we leave. Maybe (MAYBE!) even the ting ting.

This afternoon, I spent the last moments of BM1 thinking about what life would be if i wasn't in Cempaka. I imagined my seat taken by Kiet Wai and everyone else sitting a space before. I imagined what would have happened if I stayed in MIGS and never came here. Yes, I would have already graduated if I were still in MIGS but what's the point if i didn't know you guys? You AWESOME AWESOME people! I really love you guys =') You guys make me smile.

Good Luck Form 5s! Together we can make it.

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