Wednesday, May 5, 2010

xin you is 17!.....soon!

Xin You
celebrated his birthday earlier this year. it was last Saturday over at his house.

It was nice. Japanese buffet and all.

btw, the theme of the party was stereotypes.
We got dressed up as smth :
Shuk Yin the Goth
Farah the Footballer
Patricia the Prep
Brenda the Punk
Feon-Na the Librarian
Yee Ling the Geek/Nerd
Ee Leng the Cheerleader who lost her top
Xin You the Rockstar! how typical of xinyou

Just let the pictures do the talking! we took lots of them that night.


His cake was YUMM! green tea cake.
a few ugly pictures of xin you ;D

the awkward moment in every birthday. when everyone is singing 'Happy Bday' to you.

look at him, sticking out his tongue. HAHA.

It ended well. everyone had a good time :)

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