Monday, October 5, 2009

new hair

Farah:    You ar. Everything i do that melt u, u say so sweet.
Vikram: Ya lar its not sour what. Course its sweet. And you are.. Gorgeous.
Farah:    Awwh.. thank you baby. heheheheee... *malu malu kucing*
Vikram: Hmm.. righto.. I love you..
Farah:    I love u too baby.. 


Farah: You finish your work already? You did it on pages is it? How many pages u did?
Vikram: Oh yeah I needa change the format.
Farah: K. Am I your saviour?
Vikram: You're my angel.

Anyways, next week PHYSICS, ADD MATHS, BIO, CHEM!!!!!!!!!
study study study.... 
p/s; scroll down to see olivia's party post. 


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